Showing Austrian food culture

Recipe: Austrian short pasta, “Spätzle”

Courtesy of Chef Ryo Horiuchi, Embassy of Austria, Tokyo





Soft flour                      100g

Hard flour                     70g

Eggs                                2

Water                            100ml

Olive oil                        a dash

Salt                                a dash

Nutmeg                        a dash




1)         Sift the flour into a bowl and add salt and nutmeg.

2)         Add water, eggs and olive oil, and mix carefully making sure no lumps form.

3)         In a deep pot, prepare slightly salted boiling water. Over the water, place a “Spätzlehobel” or a strainer. Pour the batter through the holes so that it drips into the water.

4)         Cook until the noodles rise to the surface, about 2-3 minutes.


To serve, lightly sauté the Spätzle noodles in butter. Put the goulash and noodles on a plate and garnish with sweet gherkins or spicy pickles.


Preparation Tips from Chef Horiuchi:

An implement called a “Spätzlehobel” is used to make the noodles, but you can substitute a strainer with large holes.



Translated by: Robert Sakai-Irvine