The culture of food has no borders.

As it has evolved, been shared, cultivated, adapted, and shared again throughout our history, it has created sometimes surprising links among places across the globe. At the same time, in each and every one of those places, people have sought to turn ingredients close to hand into delicious dishes, and to transform the dinner table into a place where people wish to tarry, to talk and laugh in the company of others. For us to trace an inquisitive course through our many cuisines would surely be an adventure, and one that would open our world to a new appreciation of the joys we all share as people. It is with this idea that this website was created.

Here, you will also find recipes provided by the embassies in Tokyo where we did our reporting. These many everyday dishes have been made with love and care since times long past, and I hope that they prove to be happy discoveries in your own culinary explorations.

Rika Sakai
Food culture journalist
CEO, CuriousCuisine


CuriousCuisine CEO

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